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Profile : I'm currently living in the Fargo, North Dakota Moorhead, Minnesota area. I take photos for assignment or stock use.

Equipment: I primarily use a Nikon D100 Digital 35mm Camera system with lenses from 18 to 200mm. Of course I still shoot a lot of film with my F90X. I also enjoy using my Panon Widelux F8 for specialty panorama shots. I have experience with Mamiya and Hasselblad medium-format cameras as well.

Clients: Most of my work has been through Internet inquiries and word of mouth. I have shot weddings, portraits, nude, lingerie, and glamour photos, as well as promotional materials for local shops in the Numazu area, and CD jacket covers for a local band. Examples of my assignment work can be seen in the assignment area.

Locations: Sorry, I don't have any studio space here, so all of my work here has been shot on-location. I can travel almost anywhere to accomodate your needs.

Stock Photographs / Image Sales: The images throughout this site are only a small sample of my photographic work while living in Japan. I lived in Japan for over eleven years and have accumulated thousands of images. If you're looking for images of Japanese life, tradition, weddings, children, or other, please contact me. All of my images are for sale either in print or data form.

To request more information, you can use this form to contact me by mail, or you can contact me by phone.

A list of my detailed wedding package information and rates can be seen here.

I also have some additional wedding samples in my bridal site, Bridal Snap Photography at

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